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Description of our work process

1. introduction meeting 

in this meeting we will get to know you and your product

and you will get to know us and our capabilities and experience.

2.creative research

after learning your needs and understanding your most important values

you want to convey we will plan the most original and cool way to present it

3.storyboard / script

we have a concrete concept and now is the time to write a sharpened 

storyboard / script that will convey your massages in a perfect way

4. pre production  

the baby is in his 6 month now and we can see him / her clearly

we will scout locations, design characters, recruit James bond technical crew 

and what ever it takes to get the ground ready for delivering the perfect product

5.production execution 

The fun principles, work time table has been set and the technical crew is working

this is the moment when the band starts playing and all elements are composed into 

one beautiful creation production  

After producing and programming all the raw material we will upgrade the project to the maximum

and add sound, visual affects and titles 

7. Your experience is ready!

your baby is born and from now on you can introduce him to the world

from here the sky is the limit