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    Virtualion is a new, young and vibrant studio which specializes in the implementation of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies.

    The studio was founded in 2017 in the pure spirit of passion for art and the uncompromising aspiration for excellence in the production, direction and integration of complex visual projects. The founders of the studio possess the experience, reputation and knowledge of 15 years in the production and creation of hundreds of films across all genres (cinema, television, advertisements, digital and more), representing the foundation stones upon which the studio is grounded.

    It’s simple. We have loved what we do for years, and therefore, with unbounded attention to customer service and always with love and a smile, we will know how to supply you the full chain of creation, from conceptualization, through realization, and ending with delivery of the perfect end-product.


    So why are you covered from every angle with us, and what are our specialties?


    • Building and management of a project budget under limitations and constraints

    • Specialization in mixed reality environments, (virtual reality/augmented reality, 3D and 360°)

    • Development of VR content and task-oriented VR experiences for realistic virtual reality environments, as well as animative and augmented reality, on the basis of the Unreal, Unity and Vuforia platforms.

    • Filming and production of films in virtual reality (VR) and 360° virtual tours.

    • Design and development of virtual reality games and applications.

    • Integration in accordance with the experience concept, on-location set-up of VR spots, selection of appropriate equipment/hardware, provision of virtual reality goggles and associated equipment, installation and service.

    • Script writing, preparation of GDP game specification documentation, UI documents and UX guidelines.

    • Sound design and editing.

    • Offline/Online editing, VFX, Final Cut, Avid softwares.


    Virtualion’s studio portfolio for AR|VR|XR technologies