VIRTUALION Is a virtual-augmented-mix reality production studio located in Tel Aviv. We produce high end virtual reality films and create Breathtaking immersive experiences depending on the message you want to convey. We will accompany you throughout the work process From the concept and writing of the script,to production execution, until submission of the perfect final product.

    Our experience as producers and filmmakers gives us the advantage of knowing how to produce Under budget constraints and tell a story in the best way possible to capture your target audience.

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    virtual reality equipment Rental
    virtual reality 360 cameras and headsets,oculos quest
    vr|ar game design and content development
    virtual environment development on unity 3D|vuforia|unreal angines
    360 video production
    production and filming of vr movies and virtual tours for businesses
    Creative Services
    Writing and script development
    on ground virtual reality construction and deployment
    hardware, maintenance service and installation
    deep learning virtual reality for company's and organizations
    interactive instruction simulations and games characterization of educational needs content script, production and implementation.
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    from creative sessions, visual effects, and sound. all is monitored under one roof top

    our team
    Amir Sheinbaum
    Founding Partner / Creative Manager

    After receiving his first professional video camera in 1997, over the years he has managed to film, script, produce and edit dozens of films. Amir is an alumnus of the Ma'aleh School of Television, Film & the Arts in Jerusalem, specialising in cinematography, and since 2008 he has been teaching and lecturing in the school. 2004 – received an award of excellence in film from the culture fund “America Israel”. 2007 – received the prize of best cinematographer (Reshet) for Ma’aleh alumni. 2011 – founded the production company Amir&Mor Productions, specializing in producing advertisements, product reels and promos. Prominent Projects: Srugim (Season 3, YES Network), The Appearance of the Sun (documentary, Channel 10), Pages in the Wind (plot drama, Reshet), Google Stories, The Power to Tell (documentary, Channel 8), and more.

    David Ben Moshe
    Founding Partner / Chief Producer

    David Ben Moshe lives and breathes video productions since 2005 until this day. He started out as a producer at the first Mega Reality In the Land of Power, he went through he entire production chain Director of location, production manager, executive producer, and independent producer Of television series and commercials Digital and Commercial Cinema Over the years, tools were added to David's toolbox Which he acquired at Tapuz People "in the sale of ad space for negotiating alongside Project management tools, brand strategies, and customer management As part of his work in various advertising agencies in which Gitam participated The marketing content agency of the Bauman-Bar-Rabbani group David holds a bachelor's degree in communications and management in the framework The College of Management Academic Studies B. Content / Advertising Track